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T|F kids

T|F Kids exists to help kids build a foundation to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. We want to raise up a generation of kids who don’t walk away from Jesus and the Church.


We value Fun, Safety, & Building relationships! We want kids to know that both following Jesus  & church are fun. All of our volunteers are background checked and trained, and we have two adults in every classroom. We also have the same volunteers with regularity so your children get to know who they’re with and see what following Jesus looks like from someone further along in the journey. 

WHAT to expect

On a Sunday morning in T|F Kids, your children will get to experience worship and a Bible story taught on their level during large group, and application through games and crafts during small groups, plus play time with friends to start it off!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to shepherd your child’s heart as they learn about Jesus. We truly desire for them to know who God is and fall in love with Him. We believe that when you bring your child to T|F Kids, we are entering into a partnership with you. We believe you are the main spiritual influence and shepherd in your child’s life and want to walk with you as you lead them. 

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