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“The Fold” is birthed out of John 10 as Jesus is explaining that He is the Good Shepherd, and we are all part of His fold. We chose this concept because we believe it is important for believers to live in local community with one another, while also understanding they are a part of a Kingdom that is much greater than a church - the fold of God or the Kingdom of God.


Our mission is for the people of Greenville to find wholeness and healing in the Lord by finding home, family, and purpose.



We desire for you to walk into our doors and find a place that is safe and welcoming. A place where vulnerability is comfortable and community is found. A place that truly feels like home.


Our goal for everyone that walks through our door is for them to find a home at the Fold. However, a home does not feel like home without family. We believe that in order for you to live a life of wholeness, you have to be connected to a family of believers who live life alongside you. This means walking with you in your triumphs, but also journeying with you in your valleys. Our Fold Groups exist to connect people to their family and help each believer develop the skills to study scripture for themselves. 



We live in a culture searching for purpose and meaning. We believe when someone is walking in wholeness with God, they find true purpose in life. When someone finds true purpose they will discover that their vocation is to be an apprentice to Jesus. We believe that the only pursuit that can hold the existential weight of life is the purpose that is found in following Jesus.

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CJ Ward
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The Fold 


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