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Fold Groups

What are fold groups?

Fold Groups are a community of believers coming together to do life and study Scripture. We believe that these groups are a biblical embodiment of how Christ meant for us to be in community.

We want Fold Groups to be a place where you are growing, learning, and being encouraged. We hope that as you take part in this ministry that you will find Home and find Family.

What to expect

You will meet weekly at our building with a small community of people. Our hope is that you quickly find this group of people to become your family. They will celebrate with you during encouraging times, but also walk with you when life is hard.  During Fold Groups, you will dive into the same Scripture we will cover on Sunday morning as a family. With this, you can join us each Sunday by participating rather than simply consuming. Here at The Fold, we are passionate about you finding a family to walk through life with, as well as learn to study God's word on your own.

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