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The Mix 46

We get it. A lot of kids in that 9-12ish age group have a hard time at church. Kids ministry feels a little bit too kid-ish, but Sunday mornings are still a bit over their heads. Our goal is for everyone who comes to the Fold to feel at home, even kids. Because of that, on Sunday mornings we have a gathering for students in the 4th - 6th grade age group to spend time together, have a blast, and study scripture. If your children fall in this age range you can check in inside our kids wing and one of our volunteers will show you where to go!

Yoga Practice


As a new church that values the next generation, we cannot wait to begin ministry to help youth experience the healing and wholeness of Jesus. If you have teenagers in your family let us know! We do not currently have a student ministry but we are ready when God opens the door!

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